Oasis x Jazba Singh- Fashion Film

My solo video for Oasis by Sadek Merchant

Hi I'm Jazba. I'm an Indian-Canadian actress, model, influencer and international nomad. I am constantly on the road and have a blog called Beauty Nomad where I chronicle all my travel, beauty and work journeys. I am a feminist, an adventurer and if you want to know more- head over to: https://www.beauty-nomad.com.


After my movie, I was keen to jump into a something a bit more edgy and editorial and I couldn’t have found a better team of collaborators to do this little film with then Sadek Merchant and an amazing group of women who came together to do hair, makeup, styling and cheerlead each other at this wonderful shoot together at Discover Resorts!

Hippi Heroine Jazba Singh Does Live Interview in Tollywood

Hey guys, thanks soooo much for tuning into my live interview and supporting me in my debut film Hippi. You can catch the full interview I did on Facebook live here now!

Beauty Nomad Reviews- Jean Claude Biguine Salon Mumbai Review

Jean Claude Biguine boasts some of the most luxurious salon spaces and treatment in India and I was lucky enough to be invited by them to review their brand new location in Marine Drive, Mumbai. Come with me for a hair and nail revival and meet the lovely staff at their newest location ;)

Beauty Nomad Travels- Beautiful Belgrade Vlog

Belgrade was one of the most chilled out capitals I travelled to in the Balkans! Come check out the city with me in this vlog exploring it's different neighbourhoods and some of its Communist history.

Beauty Nomad Travels- What Russia is Really Like

Russia has to be up there with one of the coolest places I've visited lately. Well... not so recently since I was on the road for so many months after this actual trip and have only gotten around to editing this travel vlog for you guys now!! But it still doesn't dim down Russia's coolness- from it's amazing food, architecture and people I was totally blown away by this amazing country. And seeing as I only saw Moscow and St Petersburg, it's only the tip of the iceburg. I can't wait to go back someday, but for now, here are some highlights. Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

Kerastase Discipline Treatment Journey and Review

Hey guys so I have pretty fragile curly hair that I desperately needed to bring back to life from heat damage but was too nervous to do even more damage to by undergoing any harsh treatments- and that included keratin treatments. So I did a bunch of research and discovered the Kerastase Discipline salon treatment that promised to give my curls all the gentle hydration they needed, without straightening or relaxing the shape of the curls in any way. And it worked!

Come on this curly hair journey with me from Serbia, to Russia to Canada if you want to see how it all turned out :)


Beauty Nomad

ps. This was not sponsored in any way by Kerastase, I was just genuinely curious to see how this whole treatment worked! I paid for the whole damn thing myself!

Serbian Makeup Haul- Drugstore Makeup Goodies

While I was living in Serbia I decided to check out what local beauty products they had in the market in their drugstores and I wasn't disappointed by my haul! Have a peek at my little treasures from Aura, Llums, Essence, Trend it Up and Alvere cosmetics, and get ready with me as I prep for a night out at the Belgrade clubs!

FYI: This video was not sponsored in anyway.

Under Eye Colour Corrector LESSON 101 for Indian/Medium Skin Tones

Colour correctors can be a great help in cancelling/neutralising discolourations before you go on with your concealer, and in the case of medium or darker skin tones different colours are required to achieve that balance.

Here is a total breakdown lesson of what colours work to cancel what and a little experiment on my own skin with two different colour correctors so you can see what works best!! Hope you guys find this useful!!

Biotherm Wonder Mud Mask One Week Review

If you have a dry skin but still want to draw out impurities and detox without losing oil/still hydrating I think the Biotherm Wonder Mud Mask is a pretty safe and gentle bet.

I tried it out over the course of more then a week and found that it was good for clearing congestion. But at the same time, it's not the strongest thing available on the market. I think it would be great to use as a maintenance treatment instead, like between stronger detox masks. 

Hope you enjoy my video, please don't forget to like, subscribe and share!

Stellar Beauty Makeup Review

Stellar Beauty is a new Canadian line of beauty products created by an Indian Canadian woman for all skin tones- but focusing on the medium skin tone range. So that means the med/tan/olive/brown skin tone market which would work for women of Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian, Hispanic, First Nations, biracial and mixed backgrounds (just to name a few)! It's an exciting (and long over due) new step for diversity and inclusivity in the makeup industry as products for a much wider range of skin tones from med to dark skin tones are cropping up. Stellar has a focus on the medium skin tone market- but I am thrilled/relieved to see brands like Fenty reaching out to an even wider market. But as this a Stellar Beauty review, I'll save my thoughts on wider inclusivity for another video in the future if you are interested. Just leave me a comment. 

And if you are wondering, no I did not receive any money from Stellar for this video- this is just my honest review of their products. 

At the moment Stellar Beauty is only available on sephora.ca and sephora.com and in select stores in: New York, LA, Miami, Las Vegas, Toronto, Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco, Honolulu, Vancouver and San Juan.

The Limitless Foundation comes in 22 colours for $45 CAD/$38 USD
Cosmic Blush comes in 3 colours and is $30 CAD/$25 USD
Infinite Lipstick is 13 colours and $26 CAD/$22 USD

Shades Used:
Limitless Foundation in S09 (It's VEGAN! and Cruelty-free) 
Cosmic Blush in Eclipse
Infinite Lipstick in 02 Wicked Aura

Australian Makeup Haul!

Australia has an amazing beauty and makeup community. 

Here are some of my favourite products that I have found in the land down under over my years living there and from a more recent visit to a drug store there. Aussies have a more laid back approach to beauty then I sometimes see in North America and I have to say I really dig it! My one gripe: the shade diversity for people in colour could be better down there. 

Beyonce Makeup Secrets Revealed!!

Ever wonder how Queen Bey always looks so snatched and in particular her lips always look so full?

I've paid close attention to what her makeup artist Sir John says he learned from B herself when it comes to plumping out her pout... watch to find out what the trick is! x

How to Blend Eyeshadow like a Pro!

Ever wondered how makeup artists manage to make so many diverse colours work in one cohesive eye look? Then this is the video for you.

I also reveal my secret crease blending trick in the middle of the video- so make sure you watch it through!!

Get Ready for Red Carpet Glamour With Me!

As someone who is totally NOT in the world of show business and red carpets, I was totally freaking out (in both a happy and scared way) when my boyfriend's documentary got nominated for five Australian Academy Awards in Sydney.

This was a look I cooked up for one of the daytime awards ceremonies. His documentary "In the Shadow of the Hill" - about the largest favela in Rio De Janeiro- ended up walking away with a few awards and I ended up ripping the dress I went in.... long story for another day! For now enjoy getting red carpet makeup ready with me!