How to Live Life on Your Own Schedule- A Motivational Note

Since being back here in my beautiful hometown in Canada I have been connecting with lots of old friends. It’s been amazing seeing everyone and catching up on what everyone has been up to in the time that’s passed since we saw each other last. As expected, many a life milestone has come and gone for people- job changes, promotions, marriage announcements and in some cases even babies. And I am so happy and proud of my friends for pursuing these things that genuinely bring them happiness and joy.

Different Timelines and Milestones for Millennials

Then there are people who I have met and chatted with recently who tell me their worried that they aren’t hitting the same milestones at the same time as others. That they are somehow late or not on time with what they are “supposed to be doing”. And I have to admit to being a bit puzzled by this. According to what timeline are they late? According to who’s schedule are they not hitting certain milestones that they are supposed to? I’m sorry, but our generation of millennials can hardly be expected to look at our parents and grandparents timelines as relevant blueprints for our own. Their life circumstances, economies and social conditions were totally different back then. The only thing that seems to have hung over from then are outdated social pressures to be doing “certain things at certain times”. And as for comparing yourself to the peers around you- well one needs to ask themselves if they want the same life as their peers? I love this quote below because it basically sums up my thinking on the matter:



So to all my friends or anyone reading this who feels that their timelines is “off schedule”- I suggest instead of stressing about what others think, perhaps shift your focus to what you think. What makes you happy? What are your priorities in life? What are the goals you wish to achieve that will make you fulfilled? What are your passions? If those things are some of the same milestones that mainstream society prescribes that by all means, go for it! And put your all into pursuing those things!! But if you are looking for things outside of the mainstream prescribed narrative of the “good life”, then you gotta own your own vision of that and commit to it. Know that you are marching to the beat of your own drum, and that you are right where you are and need to be to be pursuing that. Don’t be scared and don’t be deterred. Know that many others like you are out there who are doing the same thing.

This wasn’t written with the intention of comparing one type of lifestyle and goals to another. Everyone is valid in their choices. After all, it’s your life and your choice. Just do what you like and don’t worry about others is all this note is trying to remind you of. You are right where you need to be and don’t forget that!