Why Resting is a Super Important Part of Success

After a really busy period of hustling, I have been taking some downtime to rest and recuperate and it has actually motivated me to work even harder. Does anyone relate to this quote below like me?

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Resting is a Part of Success

Anytime I start to feel guilty that “I’m not doing anything” or “I should be working on … “ I remind myself that resting is an important part of a successful life. I have rested for a few whole months now before I finally feel strong and inspired enough to do more. I realise how lucky I am to have all that time and that’s not possible for everyone- but even if you don’t have that long to rest, even if it’s just a weekend, or a even a few hours, take that time to breathe, relax and even zone out. Rest. It’s a myth that grinding it out day after day is the only path to success. What is success anyway but your own perception of fulfilment or purpose?

It’s true that I did spend some of my down time reading and dreaming and working towards my goals- but not in the way I was before by running to meetings and shoots and answering a million calls. No- not any of that kind of active grinding during my “rest and recovery” time please! I was more doing the other more passive side of that kind of work- day dreaming and designing my future brand and mapping out where I want to live on maps and mood boarding. I was writing in my journal and taking workshops in the things I want to do. I was writing content for my blog and editing videos. All at my own pace and in a way that I found enjoyable and reflective. Not counting down to a deadline on things to be done on someone else’s terms.

Downtime in beautiful Australia!

Downtime in beautiful Australia!

But mostly I was resting by spending happy days with loved ones, doing things I find relaxing like raiding bakeries!! All so that I could fill up on that happy energy for times when I busy and maybe getting burned out. I need those happy memories then, to remind myself of the restful downtimes and how much joy they brought me, so I can do it again next time.