No Clear Path to Your Goals? How to do it Anyway!

How to Follow All Your Passions

When I first decided to become a beauty and travel blogger who also brings her critical academic eye to her work but also happens to be an actress and TV presenter... and a documentary researcher... and producer and... also a digital nomad... I almost stopped myself before I started! How on earth was going to bring all these diverse interests and passions into one space? What kind of job even exists out there that brings all these things together? The short answer was- there isn't one. 

There was no clear pathway to this as a cohesive goal. To be a person who was realistically doing all these things at once didn't really seem to exist. Sure there are successful bloggers out there, or makeup artists, and or actors or TV presenters, but I couldn't find an example or a formula to do it all and do it well. But then when I asked myself to choose ONE passion out of all of the above- I couldn't do it. I have invested too much time and energy and passion into my degrees in politics and sociology to just turn my brain off to them now- even if those topics don't seem to intersect with the beauty and acting world that I am now a part of. And then despite all my makeup training, I wasn't ready to let go of my dream of being an actress. And documentary work, well that felt like something that I could at least bring my academic training and TV dreams together in, but what about the other things? It's like one big messy puzzle with no defined path to bind it all together. 

It can be scary when there is no defined path to your goals

It can be scary when there is no defined path to your goals

Creating Your Own Path

So what did I do? After jumping around from one career to the next, hoping to uncover a path that linked everything together I came to realise, that no path existed. It dawned on me, that if I didn't get moving on these goals, maybe they would never come to fruition. So, they say that necessity is the mother of all invention, and since no path existed, I had to get creative and create my own path. 

I work as an actress, model and makeup artist to pay my bills. I then bring my skills and know how from the makeup industry to my Youtube channel so I can practice producing, presenting and editing. I then take the money I have those projects and put it towards travelling to countries all over the world so I can work on (researching, producing and presenting) documentary projects there and create more content for my travel and beauty blog. And voila, suddenly, this far away dream of doing all the things I wanted and didn't seem possible has become a reality. 

It is all possible! NO matter how crazy it may seem!

It is all possible! NO matter how crazy it may seem!

My point is this: if there is something, or somethings, you really want to go after and you look around and find that there doesn't seem to be a clear or defined way to do that thing- then guess what? You've got to make that way yourself! And you will learn so much about your capabilities and skills as you do it. In many ways, you will discover how badly you really want to do those things at all. It's like a giant litmus test for yourself. You're not answerable to any boss, but yourself. And personally, I love being my own boss, answering to myself at the end of the day, because ultimately, I am the one who desires all these goals in the first place!

Go after what you want and let me know in the comments how you're going about doing it! 

xx Beauty Nomad