DIY Indian Skin Care Mask- For Fresh Glowing Skin!

Sometimes you just want to keep you skincare simple and not splash out loads of money on complicated products to sort out your issues. So I’ve decided to share one of my go to DIY skin care masks- which is this Indian recipe my mom taught me when I was a teenager. This mask is perfect for drawing out impurities, exfoliating and hydrating the skin. It will leave you with a beautiful glow!

Dhai Besan Indian Face Mask

This mask is called dhai-besan in Hindi and basically translates to yoghurt and chickpea mask in English. It’s a super common and easy to do recipe that has been in staple in Indian skincare, passed down from mom’s to daughters for generations! My mama was quite strict about what I was allowed and not allowed to put on my skin when I was younger (and I think I have inherited my love of minimalist skin care and makeup from her) and this mask was an exciting exception to my skin care routine that I was allowed to use as often as I liked- as it cleansed, exfoliated, brightened and hydrated my skin in one fell swoop. The best part is that it’s all totally natural and safe for almost all skin types (unless you have allergies to any of the ingredients).


Pure plain ground up chickpeas in flour form!

Pure plain ground up chickpeas in flour form!

1.) Besan, which is chickpea flour- you can find this at most health food or Indian/Middle Eastern grocers. The fine texture of this blends into the yoghurt super easily and once its dries on the skin and you buff it off, acts as an awesome, gentle exfoliant.


2.) Plain, flavour free yoghurt- the lactic acid in yoghurt acts as a natural exfoliant and skin tightener (if you have oily skin you can use a fat free yoghurt as it’s less rich on the skin)

Indian Honey

3.) Good old honey- a natural antibacterial that also treats inflammation and is super hydrating

Dabur Rose Water

4.) Rose Water- a natural toner that bonus! Also acts as an astringent.

Optional Ingredients

Lemon- for added brightening power

Turmeric- another magic ingredient for inflamed skin as well as a brightening agent (careful if you have very pale skin though as you could go slightly yellow toned with this!)

The final mix!

The final mix!

And voila- that’s it! Mix the ingredients together, apply on a clean, dry face and wait about 20-30 mins till it’s dry before you start to buff off. The proof that it works is in the video below!!

Let me know how you go in the comments section, ciao for now! x