Skin Care Basics- An Easy Routine for Beginners

Makeup free, filter free, feeling free!

Makeup free, filter free, feeling free!

I have been asked about my skin care routine a lot recently- I think because I have been posting a lot more photos of natural makeup looks and people think that my skin looks like that. Ha! Thanks, but that’s so not the case! I want to be transparent right off the top and say even when I’m sporting a “natural” and minimal makeup look… that’s still makeup. My skin isn’t naturally flawless at all- I have pigmentation and little bumps and dry skin issues just as much as the next person. I do however, have some tricks up my sleeve that I employ as someone with a background in skincare (and of course makeup) that help me keep my skin in check.  And it’s a pretty simple routine that anyone else can easily do, so I thought I would share.

Working with Skin Type

So in order to make this a useful guide for you, I’ll break down my skin type for you. Firstly, I would say I’m pretty luckily to have resilient skin- meaning it fairs well no matter what products I’m sticking on it. It’s not a sensitive skin type, but I would say it’s recently become a bit sensitised due to environmental factors like stress and pollution. So not sensitive, but kind of reactionary to lifestyle (duh, like everyone’s skin)! I have a feeling anyone who regularly changes up their skin care routine and chucks new products on their skin all the time can relate to this kind of sensitised but resilient type of skin combo.

My skin was always on the dry side- like it would feel taut after washing it if I didn’t moisturise. So that’s what I do religiously, moisturise it while it was still a bit damp out of the shower or after washing.

Loving this gel formula for oily skin

Loving this gel formula for oily skin

But recently, since I’m in a hot, humid country, my skin has definitely taken on elements of being combo/oily. I’ve had to switch out my usual moisturiser for dry skin, to a gel based moisturiser for oily skin. I have been using Biotherm’s Aquasource Gel. But I still moisturise daily, day and night- that’s key.

Finally, I would say my skin has never really been acne prone, but it has in more recent years been prone to these little bumps under the surface of the skin- which I think are from product build up and a perhaps a poor diet. Totally my own fault! Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside your body, and my lack of nutritious eating and not drinking enough water definitely shows up on the surface.

So in short, my skin kind of has elements of a few different types of skin and if any of these types relate to you I’ll break down what I do for those particular issues.

Morning Skin Care Routine

Neutrogena Skin Care Review Beauty Nomad
  • Splash plain old water to rinse off any night cream and then moisturise with a very simple SPF loaded cream. At the moment I am using Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 15. Finish with an eye cream and lip balm.

  • I don’t wash with a cleanser in the morning because I think it’s just too much- why strip my skin of natural oils and protection layers like the acid mantle in the morning when I have nothing (no makeup) on it? Let it do its thing if your skin is dry like mine.

  • Go on with my makeup routine as usual.  

Night time Skincare Routine

My fave balm cleanser of the moment

My fave balm cleanser of the moment

  • Remove makeup with a balm cleanser: I have recently been using the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup 3 in 1 Melting Balm that just dissolves onto the skin and takes off every last stitch of makeup, including eye makeup.

  • When I’m not being lazy, I try and get a muslin cloth or soft terry cloth involved for wiping off the cleanser with water- because it also helps exfoliate the skin at the same time.

  • A recent addition to my routine has been wiping my skin down with a toner after cleansing. I never used to do this because I really believe the less ingredients going on the face the better. But I started to notice a toner would pick up trace amounts of makeup that might still be there, and also prep the skin for my night time moisturiser.

  • For when I notice more of those little bumps under the surface: I use a glycolic or AHA/BHA based toner. To be brief, these acids basically help to break down gummed together bits of skin that aren’t shedding naturally. You can use any brand you like if bumps are an issue for you.

  • And then finally I moisturise, eye cream and lip balm it up again.

Once a Week (Or if I’m Honest Every 2 Weeks When I’m Lazy)

Goldfaden MD Beauty Nomad Review
  • Exfoliate: I think sloughing off dead skins manually this way is really important to getting rid of build up, both on dry and oily skin.

  • At the moment I’m using Goldfaden MD- Microderm Exfoliator with Ruby Crystals. Microdermbrasion exfoliants like this have super small crystals so they can actually grab all sorts of micro dead skin and slough it off. I don’t think thick beaded exfoliants do anything to the skin.

Once a Month Skin Care

  • I make a DIY facemask from ingredients from my kitchen to hydrate the skin. These usually involve yoghurt, honey and something with grit to exfoliate. I look up recipes online or do ones that my grandmother passed on to my mom. If you’re interested to hear more I’ll write a future post- just leave me a comment!

  • Or if I’m having a specific skin issue like congestion or build up, I’ll reach for a detoxing mask like Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque from Kiehls or the Wonder Mud Mask from Biotherm (see my one week review video here):

That’s it. Wow when I write it out like this it looks like a lot. But the fact is my daily routine is fast. Wash, tone and moisturise. Sometimes exfoliate and mask. I just wanted to give you all the specific details in case it might help.

I recently read an article about what Angelina Jolie’s facialist has done for her skin the past 30 years and it’s essentially a really simple routine like this. Clean and exfoliate to get rid of dead skin. Moisturise very regularly, and don’t skip eyes and lips. And for keeping things super smooth and unbumpy get an AHA, BHA and glycolic acid involved to melt away texture.

The final thing I’ll say about skin is that it is our body’s largest organ. And like all our other internal organs, it needs to be treated well and kept nourished and hydrated internally if you want it to be healthy. So eating well and drinking lots of water are key for your skin’s health. I know I need to do better on both those things. But beyond that, keeping stress to a minimum really helps our bodies inside and out and that extends to our skin. That doesn’t mean I am somehow able to keep myself out of stressful situations and my skin is amazing as a result. It just means I am trying to make a conscious effort to react in a less stressed out manner to tricky situations. I try and meditate and exercise and indulge in my passions to keep my body, mind and yes skin, feeling good. It seems to have worked thus far so that’s a good little tip I can share with you!

Let me know what you think of these steps by leaving me a comment down below! 


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