What's the New Beauty Oil for 2018? Cacay Oil by Mamo Botanics!

From Colombia to Canada- Cacay Oil Completely Cures Skin

I first came across Mamo Botanics on Instagram- where I was browsing for Canadian, organic skincare products. What I ended up discovering is Oro de Cacay, a face oil that I am now freaking out about. Beyond this incredible oil though, I learned that this brand does so much more then produce a beautiful organic skin care product: it actually gives back to the community from where it harvests the product. And all of a sudden, this beauty product for my skin went from something that was just about self care, to something that was about something bigger then me.

Mamo Botanics Flay Lay

So what does Mamo Botanics actually produce? 100% pure Amazonian Cacay oil. This oil basically has the skincare industry reeling because of its amazing benefits. Harvested by indigenous Colombian farmers, Mamo Botanics reinvests 15% of its profits back to community initiatives that conserve Columbian biodiversity.

Skin Care Benefits of Cacay Oil

The Cacay tree grows in the Amazon rainforest and its nut, the cacay nut, has the beauty world buzzing for its seriously incredible skin care benefits. There are so many beauty oils available on the market these days, but none that can claim to combine so many benefits in one pump. Cacay oil has 2x the vitamin E of Argan oil- which helps with skin renewal (supporting its 28 day regrowth cycle) and protects against free radical damage. It has 3x the Vitamin A of rosehip oil, which yes, is a type of retinoid that is basically a magic ingredient in the skin care industry- carried in lines as exclusive as Sunday Riley and Verso. Retinol can blur down pigmentation, visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smoothen skin… it essentially helps to resurface the skin- which is why, by the way of a sidenote, it is so important to use sunscreen if you are using a retinol product.

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But back to Cacay oil- it has over 68% linoleic acid, one of the highest natural sources of omega 6 in an oil. And it’s totally non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog up pores as it’s easily absorbed into skin. So for all my oily skinned readers out there- this is not a heavy oil to be scared of. In fact, studies show that oily skins tend to be deficient in linoleic acid, and putting this topically on the skin where it can be absorbed actually signals to your body to chill it with the excess oil production. This oil can actually lead to less clogged pores over time. For drier skins, like mine, this amazing wonder oil has made me feel smooth, hydrated and given me a glow that I haven’t had all winter long!

Community Benefits From Mamo Botanics

As if the awesome skin care benefits of Cacay oil aren’t enough, Mamo Botanics makes sure their oil is grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals the way indigenous communities have always grown it in the past.

The Cacay nut rates highly in terms of sustainability as every part of the nut is used by for some purpose: from the outershell being used for burning to create heat and fuel, to the nut itself being ground and used for cooking flour or nut milk. So basically, its side effects on the environment rate very favourably. It has only quite recently been pressed into an oil for commercial selling, so it’s an amazing chance to provide an income to the farmers who grow it and support the industry and the forests from which it comes.

Give this oil a chance, you won’t regret it. Mamo Botanics can be found at www.mamobotanics.com or on Instagram where I first found them @mamobotanics.