Beauty Nomad is a site that tells the story of being a curious, cultured, cosmopolitan woman who also happens to be interested in beauty and what it means in the world.

I want to show people that being interested in makeup doesn’t mean you have to conform to mainstream narratives of beauty that the media throws at us. I also want to showcase how beauty is understood differently in different parts of the world.

The content on my blog includes natural makeup tutorials and product reviews from around the world, travel and lifestyle content to showcase what a nomad existence looks like and critical thought essays about not being a passive consumer of the beauty and travel industry- and life in general!


Jazba Singh

Where are you from? 

This is a bit of a loaded question for me as a nomad and critical cosmopolitan scholar. I do consider myself to be a global citizen in the sense that my sense of home is not just attached to one country. I was born in India, brought up in the Middle East, immigrated to Canada as a teen, moved to Australia for work after university and have been basically living nomadically for the past 4 years now- with countries like Cuba and Serbia being home bases for months at a time. 

So in short: I am a bit from India, a bit from Canada and a bit from Australia. 

What did you study? 

My academic background is in Political Science and Human Rights. I have an MA in Socio-Legal Studies which was an interdisciplinary initiative between the Law School and School of Sociology at my university. My work focused on identity politics, critical race and feminist theory as well as cosmopolitan philosophy.  

Where do you live? 

I find questions about race/nationality and indeed residence a little messy to answer in the sense that I never have one word answers, and I think that question is designed with the assumption that there will be a neat answer to it. In my case, home is a concept that is really fluid- because I am a nomad. At any given moment, I just live where ever my suitcase is!

My "homebases" are Canada, Australia and India, but I spend many months on the road each year making a new country “home” whether it’s for work or play. My friends say they all have at least 6 phone numbers saved for me at any given time!